Negative effects of Internet on Music Industry

The internet has provided many positive benefits for musicians in the music industry.  Up and coming artists can receive global recognition overnight without being signed to a label, just by posting a song or a music video.  Established artists can view fans posts about their music, and learn how they can provide them with a better product.  All artists can benefit from collaboration with others across the world without leaving their basement.  The possibilities are endless but there are a few things that can also hinder a musicians career.

Music Piracy/Leaking

Music Piracy has single handedly changed the music industry.  We’ve progressed from an age where all music was sold as a physical copy that could only be obtained by purchasing a record.  Now virtually all music we listen to are files on our Mp3 players and computers.  It’s ridiculously easy to illegally upload and download multiple albums in seconds and this has put major hurt on independent musicians and record labels. According to a  study by the Institute for Policy Innovation piracy caused $12.5 billion dollars in losses to the U.S. economy as well as more than 70,000 lost jobs and $2 billion in lost wages to American workers.

Negative Reviews from Popular Music Blogs

Many record sales are seriously hurt by independent music blogs. One negative review from a respectable music blog can spread like wildfire as other bloggers repost the review.  In the past there were fewer music publications to downplay albums, now there are thousands of blogs waiting to tear apart albums.


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